Transactions Streaming

Our streaming endpoint allows you to stream all transactions across all of the blockchains we support in real time. It's the same human-readable data, just streamed live so. your application can listen for updates.

GET wss://

Message Parameters:
"type" (required) - string, either "subscribe" or "unsubscribe"
"filters" (required) - map that can be left empty, contains the following fields - for each, you can use the wildcard character "*" or leave it blank for the same effect:

  • "addresses" (optional) - array of string's of addresses to query for
  • "verbs" (optional) - array of string's
  • "contract_types" (optional) - array of string's
    • See the bottom of Transactions to see the whole list
  • "blockchains" (optional) - array of blockchains you want to focus on

We utilize wss requests adhering to RFC6455. Utilize your favorite language's package for connecting to websockets (for instance, MDN's docs on Websocket for JavaScript, gorilla, Golang, etc.) and start, send a message of the format:

    "type": "subscribe",
    "filters": {
        "addresses":["0xe7bh32...", "0xb447p..."],
        "verbs":["swap", "buy"],
        "blockchains": ["optimism", "ethereum"] 

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