How to authenticate with the Coherent API

Coherent uses API Keys in order to authenticate requests. Make sure to keep it private and secure as we'll be using it for billing.

Getting an API Key

To get started, go to portal.coherent.sh to create an account and a new API key! Its really that simple to get started! If you havent already explore our pricing page, its completely free to get started!

Making Requests

Include it in your header as "x-api-key and you should get valid responses back! A sample cURL request could be the following:

curl -H 'x-api-key: your_api_key ' [<https://api.coherent.sh/v1/...>

For testing API requests with low throughput, supply the string "demo" to test out the API.

If at any point you hit any issues, hit us up on Telegram @orangejuicetin @carlcortright or contact us directly from our website at Contact

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