Coherent API
For all your ABI needs
Offering a far more comprehensive number of ABIs for smart contracts, this endpoint allows you to query a contract's address and retrieve the ABI for it along with other contextual data, including the token standard and more. Born from our own struggles working with incomplete ABIs from Etherscan, we decided to open up our solution to the public to give back to the dev community!
Using a proprietary repair process, we utilize event and method ABI fragments to repair or, at times, construct completely new ABIs for contracts that don't have an existing one available. This allows us to offer the widest offering of contract ABIs on the market to date!
No complicated query params needed for this one, just plug and chug with a contract's address with a cURL like such:
curl -H 'x-api-key: your_api_key'
And you'll get back the ABI and context:
// Response
"address": "0x78c9117210fac4709d2f7b7f1ed5609d783a5e8e",
"name": "PlayCoin",
"symbol": "PLC",
"officialName": "PlayCoin",
"standard": "ERC20",
"abi": "[{\"constant\":true,\"inputs\":[],\"name\":\"name\",\"outputs\":[{\"name\":\"\",\"type\":\"string\"}]...]",
"verified": true,
"blockchain": "ethereum"
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