Coherent API
For custody solutions, portfolio trackers, dapps and wallets, Coherent provides an intuitive developer toolkit to power web3 money management experiences in minutes instead of months.

What is Coherent?

Coherent is core infrastructure that provides web3 data. Our simple APIs allow developers to build rich user experiences with little effort. No more hard-to-read hashes, only legible descriptions and data on addresses.
Easy to use, simple to read. That’s our goal.
Coherent centers around web3's future core unit: the user's portfolio. Our core thesis is that your wallet will become one of your primary financial accounts. We want to be the service that makes this data easy to integrate with any web3 or web2 application, whether it's their entire transaction history, NFT ownership, even on-chain credentials like Rabbithole, Poolsuite, and more. The portability of your portfolio through the medium of an address is a key component of web3, and your user data should follow you wherever you sign in with it. Our infrastructure seamlessly enables that portability with just a few API calls.

Next Steps

All good? Let's explore some of our API functionality!
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What is Coherent?
Next Steps